• …who we are....

    Synergetix LLC was founded in 1987 by defense and telecom industry executives with an objective to advance the development of critical technologies, and their fielding. Focusing initially on technology, RF, microwave and electro-optic materials, devices and components, the field has broaden over time to include many advanced defense and communications systems. Morphing over time to better serve our customers and their evolving needs, we expanded and evolved as well; today our expertise also assists corporations in identifying profitable technology investments, pursuit of government R&D sponsorships, patent disclosure and application reviews, strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and company turn-around situations.

    Lately, recognizing the growing need for a multi-disciplinary engineering training, we have teamed with OEI Inc. a renown Continuing Engineering Education Program provider - we can now assist you with the selection and a cost-effective delivery of the cutting-edge training for your organization’s needs, as well as, with consulting services by the world-renown faculty.

    ….what we do, and how we do it.....

    Business development and marketing are not inexpensive. Bid and proposal (B&P) preparation is not cheap either. The number of RFPs & RFQs worth biding on is shrinking... Every attempt must be made to increase the award to bid ratio (win probability) – and this is where we can help with an independent and confidential technology assessment, pinpoint IR&D investments and/or strategic acquisition, technical, programmatic and budgetary review of proposals, and program management. 

    As the boundaries between once distinct technologies fade, and the focus shifts to achieving the ultimate in system performance, a broad range of technologies not always available in a single company must be considered. Our subject-experts can assist in expediting this process in the most cost-effective manner, rapidly filing-in the technology gaps that may otherwise exist.

    We do this working closely with your personnel at all levels, and over wide-range of tasks including critical technical and management support services. Telecommunications, Defense, R.F, and Microwave industries use our extensive expertise in strategic planning and mergers & acquisitions (M&A), business development, proposal preparation and reviews, independent program reviews and technology assessments, interviews of managerial and technical candidates, and training - a one stop solution from R&D to a Boardroom advisory. 


    We take only selective assignments, the ones we know we can deliver on, and work in full confidentiality with your designated staff to accomplish it.

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    email:   info@synergetixusa.com